Leadership Formation Courses

Courses in the Department of Leadership Formation are designed to develop today’s Christian leaders in Christian formation, knowledge, abilities, and skills needed for effective work in a Christian ministry. The Theological Field Education courses are housed in this department.  Students in all professional ministry degree programs are required to participate in some form of field education during their seminary training as part of the preparation that guides them toward a fuller understanding of Christian formation and commitment to Christian service. The Seminary cooperates with local churches, associations, and Southern Baptist denominational agencies to help students find opportunities for ministry.

Ministry, Spiritual Formation, Theological Field Education

P1111 Foundations for Ministry
Beall, J. Kim, G. McCoy, Veteto, Bradley /2 hours
An entry course using a seminar format designed to assist students in beginning to build the necessary foundation - personally, spiritually, and professionally - for lifelong ministry.

P1115 Spiritual Formation
Hahne, J. Kim, G. McCoy, Yang, Waggoner /2 hours
An introduction to the biblical principles of spiritual formation and the study and practice of spiritual disciplines that foster continuous growth and maturity.

P1116 Integration into Ministry
McCoy, Veteto, Johnson, Beall, Bradley, J. Kim /2 hours
An exit course designed to assist students in assessing the various components of their seminary career, including learning effectiveness, ministry preparedness, personal growth and development toward ministry. The course also seeks help the student in building a vision for post graduation ministry and for lifelong learning and development. (pass/fail)

P1121 - P1122 Leadership in Ministry Practicum
Director of TFE, TFE Faculty/2 hours each semester
This course series offers two consecutive semesters of experiential learning in leadership, ministry skills, and personal growth through field education and classroom reflection. Students design their own learning goals for the course through negotiating a Covenant of Learning with their Field Mentor and professor. The student serves a minimum of 10 hours per week for 35 consecutive weeks in an approved Ministry Setting (church, ministry, or agency), with an approved Field Mentor, Spiritual Formation Mentor, and Ministry Reflection Group. The class meets weekly as a Peer Reflection Group. Prerequisites: P1111 or E1111, E1312 for degrees that require it, and 18+ hours of Seminary credit for MDiv & DTH or 12+ hours of seminary credit for all other degrees & DEL. Students may not enroll in this course until the TFE Director/Regional Campus Coordinator has approved their TFE application. Approved substitutions include I2361-62 Church Planting Internship and P2553 Clinical Pastoral Education.

P1124 Integrative Paper Seminar
Watson (Supervisor)/1 hour
A closure course intended to allow MTS students to assess and integrate the required and elective curriculum of the program into a philosophy of ministry and life. Must be taken in the last semester of study in the MTS program. This course is only open to MTS students who entered the program prior to Fall 2006. (Pass/Fail)

P2131 Ministry of Supervision
Prescott, Conner, Wilson/2 hours
A study of the principles and dynamics of supervision as they relate to ministry staff and volunteers. The course focuses on supervision as ministry and investigates models of supervision, stages and systems in supervision, authority and accountability, guidance and direction, motivation, and conflict in the process of supervision. (Identical to E2323.)

P2134 Contemporary Models of Church Leadership
Durst/2-3 hours
A survey of current methods of church leadership combining lecture/dialogues of practitioners of various ethnic and methodological approaches to local church leadership with a cognitive study of the theology, spirituality, development, and application of leadership in the local church.

P2135 The Work of the Pastor
Faculty/2-3 hours
A study of the concept of pastoral ministry from the biblical perspective. The course focuses on the role and responsibilities of the pastor as exercised in and through the local church.

P2136 The Ministering Couple
Faculty/2-3 hours
A couple’s small group experience to help clarify each couple’s concepts of what a minister’s mate should be and do in ministry. It gives a process for evaluating and modifying expectations to fit each wife/husband, clergy mate, and ministry setting. Class size may be limited. Prerequisite: Both husband and wife must enroll.

P2137 Leading a Church Through Change
Faculty/2-3 hours
A study of the principles of leadership for leading a church or other ministry through the process of change. The course will address issues of power and authority, personal integrity and authenticity, church assessment, change management, and evaluation of the process. Uses a church in the Bay Area as a case study of the on-going nature of change, along with information from other churches in the West. The student will lead a semester-long experience dealing with change.

P2140 Basic English
Instructor/3 hours
Instruction in grammar, composition, vocabulary, spelling, listening, and communication skills. Required for all students admitted to a non-English degree program and students who do not pass the English test at orientation. (Pass/Fail)

P2141 Tools for Theological Research
Faculty/2 hours
This course enables students to effectively locate, retrieve, analyze, and use theological information appropriately, ethically, and creatively. Students will be introduced to critical thinking skills as well as receive help in matters of form and style in order to improve the quality of their work for all level courses.

P2172 Visionary Leadership
Faculty/2-3 hours
As a study of various models of visionary leadership for the church, this course addresses the cognitive and spiritual aspects of the process of developing and implementing vision. (Identical to E2320.)

P2173 Discipleship Principles for Spiritual Leaders
Faculty/2-3 hours
A study in the theory and practice of equipping believers to grow in Christian discipleship.

P2317 Principles and Approaches to Discipleship
Faculty/3 hours
An introduction of the biblical/theological foundations for, intended purposes of, and varied approaches to the discipleship of other persons toward maturity as followers of Christ.

P2510 Spiritual Direction
Faculty/2 hours
This course is designed as a basic introduction to the theory and practice of spiritual direction in our modern world. Topics will include the history and theological underpinnings of the discipline, developing a contemplative attitude, discernment, use of prayer, and the differences between spiritual direction, psychotherapy, and pastoral counseling.

P3113 Spiritual Formation and the Arts

McCoy/3 hours
An exploration of the concepts of Christian spiritual formation as it may be understood through the arts, including the study of spiritual formation, the viewing of art from various historical periods, and the analysis of the spiritual impact of the arts. The course seeks to provide an arena for dialogue between theology, the arts (visual as well as other art forms), and worship as appraised within a biblical frame. The student will participate in artistic and creative experiences based on their own interests, skills, and abilities. Travel to local places of artistic interest is a part of the class. (This course may substitute for P1115 Spiritual Formation.)

P4111/P5111 Thesis (THM and PHD)
Faculty/8 hours
The student will prepare a thesis of approximately 80 to 100 pages in the primary field of study. The thesis will demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze, synthesize, and integrate findings. Before the thesis is accepted, a student must pass a one-hour oral examination over its content. (Pass/Fail)

P4141/P5141 Research Methods (THM and PHD)
Faculty/2 hours
A study of research methodology, library use, and introduction to basic theological reference works. The seminar is designed to prepare the student for conducting research and to aid in the writing of research papers and projects in the area of theological studies. Some attention is also given to matters of form and style. (Pass/Fail)


P1411 Introduction to Preaching/Communication
Gainey, Iorg, Johnson, Wilson, Faculty/3 hours
This course is an introduction to basic concepts of sermon preparation and presentation. Lectures, workshop experiences, manuscripting, exercises in voice and speech, and delivery of messages are utilized to sharpen the student’s communication skills.

P2412 Strategic Preaching for Growing a Healthy Church
Faculty/2-3 hours
The course encourages the participant to design a contextualized intentional communication/preaching menu. Resources are provided to enable the communicators/preachers to integrate various tools into their current and future ministry so that they can shape the core values, basic beliefs, and vital ministries of their particular congregations.

P2421 Advanced Preaching Practicum
Faculty/2-3 hours
An advanced-level laboratory course for students desirous of improving practical preaching delivery skills. Prerequisite: P1411.

P2422 Creative Expository Preaching
R. Melick, Faculty/2-3 hours
A course focusing on the exegetical handling of Scripture and its relationship to homiletic development. It either deals with preaching through a selected biblical book or surveys a range of biblical genres (such as prophecy, wisdom, narrative, parable, and epistle), exploring ways in which the text can influence the shape and movement of the sermon.

P2424 The Creative Pulpit
Faculty/2-3 hours
An exploration of innovative and experimental preaching, including narrative and first person dramatic monologue sermons and the use of the imagination. Participants work to develop lateral thinking skills and to treat contemporary issues through fresh pulpit approaches. Seminar format.

P2435 African-American Preaching
Faculty/2-3 hours
An examination of the contributions that African-American preachers make to the field of homiletics. Attention will be given to interpretation, delivery, and rhetorical principles in African-American preaching.

P3400 Special Studies in Preaching
Faculty/1-3 hours
A flexible program designed to meet the specialized needs of particular students. Among the possibilities are classes taught by visiting professors, reading courses, individual studies, and special projects organized around the research interests of faculty. Various formats.


Pastoral Care

P1511 Pastoral Ministry
Faculty/2 hours
This course is a study of pastoral ministry with an emphasis on the understanding and nature of pastoral work and pastoral care within the local church setting. Topics include: the basis of pastoral ministry, the tasks of pastoral ministry, and the concerns of pastoral ministry.

P1512 Introduction to Christian Counseling
Faculty/3 hours
This course helps students to understand the nature of pastoral counseling while learning the practice of pastoral counseling at a beginning level. Students are introduced to pastoral counseling values, goals, and processes while engaged in the classroom practice of counseling. Cognitive and behavioral approaches in agreement with scriptural principles are applied in the multi-cultural learning process. (This course is identical to E1114 Counseling for Church Leaders.)

P2511 Ministering in Crisis Situations

Faculty/2-3 hours
A study of crisis intervention strategies as they relate to the pastoral care ministry of the church. Students are given the opportunity to intensively study problem areas of special interest to them.

P2514 Addiction Ministry

Faculty/2-3 hours
A course investigating addictive and abusive behaviors, two major contemporary issues. The course focuses on the prevention and treatment of persons engaging in such behaviors. Drug and alcohol addiction are reviewed with an emphasis on the ministry the laity may perform. Abusive behaviors are studied with an emphasis on providing preventive care as well as on performing the church’s healing ministry. Issues concerning elderly, spousal, and child abuse are discussed.

P2521 Counseling Theory and Methods

Faculty/3 hours
The course is designed to assist the student to have increased knowledge, practical understanding and regard for theories and methods for counseling individuals and families in the context of the local church. This course will facilitate the development of the student’s preferred model of counseling as well as the need for continued education/growth in personal skill sets related to Christian counseling.

P2522 Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Faculty/2-3 hours
An in-depth look at the distinctive ministry of pastoral counseling. Centers on the work of the pastor as counselor and on the pastoral counseling specialist. Each type of counseling is presented theoretically and experienced practically.

P2524 Psychopathology
Faculty/3 hours
A careful study of psychopathology and the theological conceptualization of basic human problems and distress. An introduction to categorizing maladaptive behavior, the formulation of treatment plans, and a realistic understanding of the complexity of dealing with more serious problems are the major objectives of the course. Major consideration is given to the recognized classification system, DSM-V.

P2528 Law and Ethics in Christian Counseling

Faculty/3 hours
This course is designed to teach students the process of ethical and legal decision-making in the practice of Christian counseling for the individual, the family, and the church. Exploration of the concerns of the Christian counselor’s values, ethical perspective, and actions from a biblical and social understanding will be taught to keep the family member(s) and Christian counselor safe. Ethical codes of AACC, CAMFT, and APA will be explained and contrasted.

P2532 Marriage and Family Counseling

Faculty/3 hours
The class is an intensive study of the special needs in ministry to marriage and family life. Special attention is given to counselors, pastors, and ministry staff for instruction in premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, marriage counseling, healthy family life, and counseling the family as a system. This course includes the group process.

P2533 Conflict Management in Ministry
Faculty/2 hours
A study of various types of conflict found in the local church and the dynamics of ministering in the midst of conflict. Emphasis will be placed on examining a biblical approach to understanding conflict, identifying causes of conflict, and developing strategies in preventing and resolving conflict. Tools for assessing individuals and systems that contribute to conflict, creating pastoral care interventions for redemptive management, and minimizing the destructive consequences of church conflict will be studied. (Identical to E2117.)

P2541 Psychology of Religion
Faculty/2-3 hours
An introductory study of the psychological aspect of religious experiences including conversion, mysticism, prayer, glossolalia, demonism, faith healing, and doubt. (Identical to E2112.)

P2542 The Church’s Conflict with Evil

Faculty/2-3 hours
A study that investigates biblical, historical, and contemporary concerns related to evil, Satan, demon possession and psychological disturbance. The emphasis is on current manifestations related to evil and the Christian church’s response. Students review literature related to the occult and its engagement with the Christian church. Specific global areas of the church’s conflict with evil are open to study.

P2551/P2552 Leadership in Ministry Practicum: Chaplaincy
Faculty/1 hour each semester
This course is taken in conjunction with the P1121-P1122 chaplaincy section and offers two consecutive semesters of clinical pastoral experiential learning in leadership, ministry skills, and personal growth through field education and classroom reflection. Students design their own learning goals for the course through negotiating a covenant of learning with their field mentor and professor. The student serves a minimum of 10 hours per week for 35 consecutive weeks in an approved ministry setting, with Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor Professor, an approved field mentor, spiritual formation mentor, and ministry reflection group. The class meets weekly as a Peer Reflection Group. CPE students will complete all the activities and assignments for P1121-22 and additional activities and assignments for P2551-52. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive credit for one 400 hour unit of Clinical Pastoral Education through the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.
Prerequisites: permission of the instructor and signing up for the chaplaincy section of P1121-P1122.

P2553 Clinical Pastoral Education
Faculty/6 hours
An intensive study of pastoral care in an institutional setting. Requires registration and acceptance into a full-time accredited clinical pastoral education program. Prerequisites: permission of the instructor. May substitute for P1121/P1122.

P2561 Personal and Spiritual Growth Group

Faculty/2-3 hours
A small group experience facilitating emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. The group makes use of spiritual disciplines, group process, and psychological tests to promote growth. The Yokefellow model for growth groups is used as well as their suggested readings and tests. Members are encouraged, but not pressured, to participate as fully as they are able. Groups are limited to 8-10 members per group. (Pass/Fail)


P1916 Worship and Music in the Faith Community
McCoy/3 hours
A study of the meaning of worship in Christianity including theology, historical background, purpose, leadership, function, and applications. Beginning with an assessment of the student’s personal history and understanding of worship, the course moves into the study of historical Christianity and the biblical/theological origins of worship. The course seeks to develop the student’s concept of the role of worship in contemporary cultures, Christian 
nurture, and outreach.

P2601 Studies in Worship Leadership:  Class Voice
This course that teaches vocal technique and vocal pedagogical skills for worship leaders and worship team vocalists

P3600 Special Studies in Worship
Faculty/1-3 hours
A flexible program designed to take advantage of unique opportunities in worship studies and to meet specialized needs of certain students. Among the possibilities are classes taught by visiting professors, reading courses, individual study, and special projects.