Spiritual Formation Mentor Resources

Theological Field Education (TFE) at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary depends upon volunteer Spiritual Formation Mentors who mentor students in the area of spiritual formation during their ministry practicum. We are gratefully indebted to these men and women, who give at least one hour each month to meet with students during their practicum. If you are a current Spiritual Mentor or desire to become one, the information found on this page will be helpful.

Qualifications for the TFE Mentors:

A Spiritual Formation Mentor is someone who:
    •  Is growing spiritually and already has a deep level of spiritual maturity.
    •  Can be transparently open and honest about all areas of his spirituality
    •  Keeps confidences.
    •  Demonstrates spiritual and personal integrity.
    •  Is able to give the student time and attention needed. (TFE requires students to meet 
       with their Spiritual Formation Mentor at least once a month for a minimum of an hour.)
    •  Will challenge the student to go to higher levels in his/her spiritual journey.

A Spiritual Formation Mentor may not be:
    •  A relative of the student
    •  Another GGBTS student
    •  The same person as the student's Field Mentor

 Spiritual Formation Mentor Files and Forms:
   •  TFE Handbook
   •  Instructions for Spiritual Formation Mentor Forms
   •  Report 1 (Aug-Sep)
   •  Report 2 (Oct)
   •  Report 3 (Nov)
   •  Report 4 (Dec-Jan)
   •  Report 5 (Feb)
   •  Report 6 (Mar)
   •  Report 7 (Apr)