Ministry Placement Services

Ministry Placement Services (MPS) is simply a searchable database of GGBTS alumni and current students who are open to candidate for various ministry positions. These digital resumes are uniform in content and provide necessary contact information for church/ministry search committees and teams.

While the database serves well as a search engine for churches seeking candidates, it does not provide the return service of candidates searching for churches- so the data is “one way only.”

NOTE: GGBTS does not assume the actual role, or responsibility, of "placing" or appointing any individual in a ministry position. The focus of this placement service is on introductions, not employment negotiations.

Getting Connected

  • managed through the Northern California Student Services office:
    (415) 380-1446 or
  • posting and search features free to GGBTS alumni, churches, and ministry organizations
  • resumes expire after one year; you may withdraw or request an additional year at any time

Student/Alumni Access

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Church Access

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An Important Reminder
Ministry Placement Services exists as a resource entity to assist alumni/student contact with potential church positions. Golden Gate Seminary does not bear the responsibility of endorsing any particular church body or church search personnel, nor does the Seminary necessarily sanction the theology or polity of every church seeking résumé information. Concurrently, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary does not bear direct responsibility for the accuracy of résumé information, nor does the Seminary necessarily sanction the theology, competency, or veracity, of every alumni or current student. Graduates or current students are responsible for providing accurate information for the online résumé database. Résumé-type data is accessible only by password-protected access by the designated student/alumnus and by search committees approved by the ministry office.