Financial Aid - FAQ

What if I already have another scholarship award coming from a source outside of the seminary?

The GGBTS Financial Aid Program application requests disclosure of any/all pending financial aid. The seminary reserves Financial Aid Program funds primarily for students without such assistance. In some cases, depending on the amount, seminary scholarships could be retracted, adjusted or denied as students are granted additional aid from outside sources. Common examples include gifts from home churches (restrictive if exceeds 60% of tuition) or other institutions (restrictive if exceeds 40% of tuition).

Will the seminary defer my federal loans from my undergraduate degree?

Yes, Golden Gate cooperates with federal authorities for loan deferment status. Contact the Registrar's Office for further information/documentation.

I heard that GGBTS offers scholarships for entering Journeyman/ISC students?

Golden Gate is committed in support of the sacrifice and calling of mission personnel. Entering students who are returning Journeyman/ISC or MSC/U2-C2 missionaries may qualify for tuition assistance through the SBC Mission Service Scholarship, depending on eligibility. Information and application for this special entering student scholarship are available through the Admissions office or online.

What if I am graduating and I don't need to be enrolled full-time during my last semester?

The Financial Aid Program is dedicated to full-time enrollment.  However, in some cases, under-enrolled graduating students are allowed to retain a portion of the semester financial award.

What if I am applying for financial aid for next year, but I will graduate in winter? Do I still qualify?

Yes, but your award is based on one-semester, instead of two, and you should maintain full-time status.

Things just now fell into place for me to return this fall, but I've missed the financial aid deadline. Are there still scholarship funds available?

The annual application deadline is June 1st and priority is given to those meeting this deadline, as funds are limited. Any application received after that date is held until all other scholarships are distributed. Usually, late applications cannot be funded until the following semester (spring).

Is my financial aid issued for a year or just for a semester?

All awards are factored on a single semester only. However, should the recipient maintain full-time enrollment then the award is repeated for the following semester.

Will my spring award be affected if I am unable to attend during the fall, or if during the fall semester I have to drop to part-time status?

Non-enrollment for a semester cancels out the award for that semester only. So if you fail to enroll for the fall your spring amount is still available. The same goes for part-time status. Since financial aid is dedicated to full-time enrollment, any reduction to part-time hours affects your award amount for that semester only.

Can I use my scholarship money to pay for my campus rent or other charges?

The GGBTS Financial Aid Program exists for tuition only- not fees, books, or rent- as funds are limited.

Why does the seminary not offer full program loans to cover my education, then let me pay it back after I graduate--like my undergraduate loans?

We prefer all Golden Gate students graduate with no debt to the institution. Far too many students are hampered for years with unmanageable educational loans. It's a matter of stewardship. However, the seminary does offer payment options on a semester-by semester basis. Contact the seminary Business Office for further details.

I am a veteran. Can I use VA education benefits for seminary tuition?

GGBTS does not accept Tuition Assistance payments from the military for active duty personnel. Veteran’s benefits are accepted.

Certificates of Eligibility (COE) documents will need to be provided to the Business Office prior to the term's payment deadline to hold the student in classes. Any amount not covered by the VA benefits is payable by the student on the term's payment deadline. Please contact the Business Office for further information.

What if I posted delinquent seminary accounts in the fall? Does this affect my spring award?

Yes, in order to remain eligible for financial aid you must maintain good standing with all seminary accounts. Your spring award amount will likely be withheld if you are not in good financial standing.

If financial aid amounts are posted during the summer and my financial situation changes drastically by say, November--is there anyway to "re-evaluate" my award amount for additional aid?

It is not likely that we could adjust your aid in mid-semester, as all financial calculations are conducted on an annual basis. Once the funds are distributed they are gone. We suggest you speak directly to the Dean of Students and explore other means of emergency aid.

I hope to get accepted into a doctoral program at Golden Gate. Does the Seminary Financial Aid Program apply to Advanced Studies?

Scholarship resources for doctoral studies are limited and exist outside the Financial Aid Program.  For information, contact the PhD office or DMin office directly.

DMin: Dr. Jim Wilson (Toll Free 888-442-8703)
PhD: Dr. Rick Melick, Jr. (415-380-1552)

What about financial aid for summer or J-Term classes?

GGBTS Financial Aid Program applies only to full-schedule fall and spring semesters.