Eligibility and Selection Process

Financial Aid Program eligibility is a matter of meeting the following criteria:
  • Applicants must be committed to full-time enrollment (degree-seeking)
  • Applicants must maintain acceptable academic standing (minimum CGPA of 2.5)
  • Applicants must be in good standing with regard to deportment and character
  • Applicants must maintain clear accounting with the Business Office
Priority in the application process is given to:
  • applicants who are active Southern Baptists
  • applicants whose educational goals and commitment to ministry reflect the ideals embodied in the mission of Golden Gate Seminary
  • applicants who evidence commitment to the local church as the active body of Christ, and to the exercise of ministry gifts aimed at advancing the Kingdom of God on earth
  • applicants who are experiencing financial hardship beyond their control
  • applicants who display financial diligence and wise stewardship
  • applicants who display academic integrity and excellence
Each prioritized application is evaluated against a uniform funding formula which assigns a fair award range. The Scholarship Committee then reviews each applicant, approves the award amount, and assigns a scholarship source based on application information and available funds. Average awards amount to approximately 18% of full-time tuition costs. Financial Aid Program funds are limited to tuition expenses only.

Factors Affecting Eligibility

Entering Students
Entering students do qualify for participation in the internal Seminary Financial Aid Program, but preference is given to currently enrolled students.  For additional specific resources related to incoming students, go to the entering students financial aid page.
Employee Waivers

             Full-time employees of Golden Gate receive tuition benefit and therefore do not  qualify for Financial Aid
             Program funds.  Some students qualify for a special 50% GGBTS Tuition Waiver because they are either an 
             employee of the Seminary or the spouse, child or in-law of a Seminary employee. Tuition waivers are NOT 
             financial aid; they are grants from the Seminary in conjunction with employee benefits. Those students receiving
             GGBTS Tuition Waivers are ineligible for additional aid through the Financial Aid Program.

A Spouse in a Dually-Enrolled Couple

In some cases, both husband and wife enroll as full-time students. The Seminary acknowledges the additional financial stress this brings to a family in facing double tuition. Therefore, GGBTS extends to such couples the same 50% GGBTS Tuition Waiver as we do for employees. In this situation, one spouse in the dually-enrolled couple may receive the Tuition Waiver grant, and the other spouse may apply to the Financial Aid Program.
Program Restrictions
The Seminary Financial Aid Program maintains certain limitations based on enrollment.  Participation is limited to full-time enrolled students (minimum of 9 hrs. for MDiv, MA, Diploma and 6 hours for ThM). Participation is limited to MDiv, MA, Diploma, and ThM degrees (PhD and DMin students should refer to Program Directors for information on Advanced Graduate Studies aid).  And finally, eCourse enrolled hours do not qualify for Financial Aid Program consideration.
Delinquent Accounts
Students who, for one reason or another, fail to maintain clear financial accounts with the Business Office, find themselves ineligible for scholarship consideration until proving financial responsibility. This restriction applies equally to students who are chronically late in payments.
Academic Probation
Students who find themselves under Academic Probation must forego financial aid consideration until the probation period is resolved and GPA is restored to an acceptable level.
Disciplinary Action
Students under disciplinary action by the Seminary must forego consideration of financial aid until fully restored to proper deportment status.