Campus-Specific Scholarship Sources

While the core seminary Financial Aid Program is managed through a central process at the Student Services Office of the Northern California campus, several independent scholarships are offered for students through each Golden Gate campus. Below is a list of current campus-specific scholarships, along with contact information.

Southern California Campus

  • Leah G. Fisher Scholarship - Available to full-time female students demonstrating significant promise in church service.
  • Brown Memorial Mission Fund - Available to full-time students engaged in ministry through the College/Singles Ministry Dept. of the California State Convention to international/ethnic college campus students. Students must be involved with at least 10 hours per week of campus ministry. A larger scholarship award is available for students with at least 25 hours per week of campus ministry.
  • Fred Fisher SCC Memorial Scholarship - Available to full-time students.
  • The Palms Baptist Church Funded Scholarship- Available to full-time students.
Contact for Southern California campus-specific scholarships: Nancy Martindill, (714) 256-1311, ext. 11. Deadline for all scholarship applications: June 1.

Pacific Northwest Campus

  • Northwest Baptist Foundation Scholarship - Students applying for this scholarship must be a member of a Southern Baptist church, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, be full-time, and must have taken or be currently completing 15 hours to apply for this annual scholarship. Applications, complete with all the requested material, must be submitted by February 1, and the scholarship will apply to the following fall and spring semester. Contact Heather Wright at (360) 882-2250 or,
  • The Willy Bussard Endowed Memorial Scholarship for PNW Students- Available to full-time students.  Contact Mark Bradley at (360) 882-2200.

Arizona Campus

The Arizona Campus awards scholarships on a semester-by-semester basis. Financial Aid applications are due December 1 for spring semester scholarships and May 1 for fall scholarships.

All scholarships are available to part-time students in good standing, unless indicated otherwise.
  • The Bethany Legacy Fund - This scholarship covers tuition for one class for incoming students who serve in Estrella Baptist Association churches.
  • Chandler First Baptist Church Scholarship
  • First Baptist Church on Mill Scholarship
  • First Chinese Baptist Church of Phoenix Funded Scholarship
  • Jewett Faith & Grace Scholarship
  • Salt & Light Christian Church Scholarship
  • The Raymond & June Kuns Foundation Scholarship - Available to full-time students at the Arizona Campus who intend to serve on the mission field or in ordained pastoral ministry.
  • Neva Burk Arizona Scholarship for Women in Ministry - Available to female students only.
  • Mission Pointe Baptist Fellowship Scholarship
  • Sun Lakes Baptist Church Scholarship
  • Arizona Combined Scholarship
Contact for all Arizona campus-specific scholarships: Dotti Baker, (480) 941-1993.

Rocky Mountain Campus

  • Colorado State Missions Offering Scholarship – Available to part-time or full-time RMC students in need of financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded each semester.
  • Neva Burk Scholarship for Women in Ministry – Available to all RMC women taking classes at the RMC. Currently covers 50% tuition. Application must be submitted each semester.
  • Colorado Baptist Foundation Scholarship –Available to full-time students who attend a Southern Baptist college, university or seminary. The applicant must be preparing for a church-related vocation, be a member of a Southern Baptist Church in Colorado, and meet the scholastic requirements of the institution he/she attends. Scholarships are awarded once a year by the convention and will cover two semesters. Applications are normally due by April 1st. Applications may be found at and are submitted to the Foundation. 
  • Colorado Ski Authority Scholarship –Available to students studying beyond high school in Colorado and paying tuition. Application and more information can be found at

Contact for Rocky Mountain campus-specific scholarships: Kandi Stimson, (303) 779-6431,

Northern California Campus

Fred Fisher NCC Memorial Scholarship - Available to full-time students.

  • Bobbie Judd Pinson Scholarship- Available to full-time student or spouse of student serving in leadership for the campus Student Wives Fellowship.

Contact for Northern California campus-specific scholarships: the Vice President of Student Services, (415) 380-1446,