Master of Divinity (MDIV)

Available at all five campuses


The Master of Divinity Degree is a three-year program enabling students to develop their ministerial leadership identity and skills. It is a foundational theological degree that provides training to a wide variety of ministries.

The curriculum is designed to encourage student growth in the  21 Essential Leadership Characteristics recognized by the seminary.

It is designed to provide preparation for the following occupational roles:
  • pastor
  • associate pastor
  • missional strategist
  • church planter
  • chaplain
  • collegiate minister
  • director of missions
  • denominational worker
  • evangelist
  • social work minister
  • parachurch ministry leader
  • minister of counseling or outreach and visitation
  • minister of education
  • youth minister

Required Courses

Course Title Course # Hours
Leadership Discernment
Foundations for Ministry P1111 2
Integration into Ministry P1116 2

Biblical Foundations
Old Testament Introduction I S1112 3
Old Testament Introduction II S1113 3
Introduction to OT Hebrew S1211 3
New Testament Introduction I S1312 3
New Testament Introduction II S1313 3
Introduction to NT Greek S1411 3
Greek or Hebrew Exegesis S2___ 2

Theological Foundations
Survey of Christianity to 1517 L1111 3
Survey of Christianity 1517 to present L1112 3
Christian Theology I L1211 3
Christian Theology II L1212 3
Christian Ethics L1411 2

Educational Leadership
Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching E1113 3
Ministry Leadership E1312 3

Leadership Skill Formation
Worship & Music in the Faith Community P1916 3
Spiritual Formation P1115 2
Leadership in Ministry Practicum I* P1121 2
Leadership in Ministry Practicum II* P1122 2
Introduction to Preaching/Communication P1411 3
Pastoral Ministry P1511 3
Pastoral Counseling P1512 3

Intercultural Studies
Intercultural Communication I1113 3
Introduction to Missions I1211 3
Basic Evangelism I1311 2

Concentration and Electives
Electives 13
Minimum hours to graduate 83

*must be taken consecutively

Concentrations available in

Theological/Historical Studies (Northern California Campus)
Biblical Studies (Northern California Campus)
Church Planting (Northern California and Rocky Mountain Campuses)
Collegiate Ministry (Northern California Campus)
Educational Leadership (Northern California and Southern California Campuses)
Youth Ministry (Northern California and Southern California Campuses)
Urban Missiology (Northern California Campus)
Global Missiology (Northern California Campus)

For more details on curriculum, see the current catalog.

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